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Since some years ago Paloma Gómez is developing a Flamenco and Spanish Dance education program around the world adjusting specificaly the classes she teach to the level and needs the students who attend to her workshops have.

The experiences getting during this time were absolutely satisfied, first for what it means for the students that apprenticeship and second for what it means for Paloma Gómez to be the transmitter of this part of the Spanish culture so universal.

This has allowed her during all these years to develope a permanent activity visiting the same cities keeping with a dynamic progression in each and all students with who she has been doing this task.

The academic training of Paloma Gómez is based on classical ballet. Spanish dance, flamenco and modern dance (Contemporary Dance). Also I received training in other dance styles like Jazz and Regional Folklore from Spain. 

"It is for me really nice to see how the Flamenco and Spanish Dance is loved out of our frontiers and getting the chance to share this love for this amazing art around the world is very grateful experience" Paloma Gómez.

Here is a short description about the differents styles of classes Paloma Gómez ussualy teach in her workshops:

- Classical Spanish Dance (Traditional Style)
Technique work and choreography

- Classical Spanish Dance (New wave style)
Technique work and choreography

- Flamenco
Technique work and choreography

- Bata de Cola Technique and Choreography

- Castañets Technique and how to use them for Flamenco Choreographies

- Arms and hands movement technique and how to express with them

- Escuela Bolera (Old Spanish Dance Style)
Technique work and choreography

- Spanish Folklore (Traditional dances of Spain)

Besides the workshops Paloma Gómez usually teach by herself, also arrange her own workshops inviting some of the most important teachers in Flamenco and Spanish Dance world as Carmela Greco (Flamenco), Manuel Reyes (Flamenco), Raquel Gómez (Escuela Bolera and Classical Spanish Dance), José Barrios (Flamenco) and Christian Lozano (Flamenco and Spanish Dance).

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